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And the TeenDrive365 People's Choice Award goes to...

And the TeenDrive365 People's Choice Award goes to...


Who deserves the TeenDrive365 People's Choice Award?

You decide! Check out the finalist videos below. Then click the Vote button to cast a vote for the one that you think does the best job of portraying the importance of safe driving. Your votes will determine which teen finalist will win $5,000 and a behind-the-scenes trip to a Velocity show.

To help your favorite move to the top, come back and vote daily through April 30! Click here for video challenge rules.

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  • Take your own advice

    by Francisco F. in North Fort Myers, FL
  • Congratulations!

    by Trevor P., Thomas Z. in Palm Bay, FL
  • Last Moments

    by Jordan B., Daniel H., Joseph S., Karina V. in Antioch, CA
  • "Don't Be Childish"

    by Jalen G. in Dodge City, KS
  • You Wouldn't Stop...

    by Sam B., Lily S. in Oklahoma City, OK
  • The Distraction Game

    by Cal B., Adam S., Alex M. in Denver, CO
  • Curb Your Distractions.

    by Elijah W. in Chicago, IL
  • Safely Ever After

    by Jenny K., Tyler K., Kevin K., Chase M. in Irvine, CA
  • Car Safety Drawing Animation

    by Demi S. in Newtown, PA
  • Small Mistakes Big Consequences

    by Saya N. in Miami, FL

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