Parents are key influencers in the behavior of young drivers thats why TeenDrive365: In School created these resources to get parents involved and extend the lessons learned beyond the classroom.

Create a Mutual Driving Agreement

For teens to share and complete with their parents.

Driving Practice

Teens will gain the most amount of driving experience with their parents. This excersize can help track the teen's progress.

How To Be A Better Driving Coach

Parents have more influence on how a teen drives than any professional driving instructor. Here are some tips on how to be an effective coach.

The Most Important Safe Driving Tip

A professional driving coach shares important safe driving tips for parents.

Why Parent Coaching Is So Important For New Teen Drivers

Parents are a very important part of their teen's safety training. Here's why.

Parents Are The Best Driving Coaches

Parents describe what they learned about how to be a better driving coach for the new teen driver - and - how long they need to stay involved.

Safe Driving Games

Here are a few games parents can play with their teen as they get experience - after they get their license!