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Learn driver safety with the Distracted Drivers board game


You are part of a team of game designers. Your team has been approached by FunTime Games, Inc. They would like for your group to design a board game to teach younger teenagers and preteens (ages 12-15) about the dangers of driving while distracted. Use the criteria below to create an original board game (or interactive computer game, if technology is available).


  • You must have a way for players to advance their pieces (dice, spinner, drawing cards, etc.)
  • You must determine how a player wins the game (accumulation of points, reaching a specific spot on the board first, etc.)
  • Your game must introduce good driving decisions and reward players for making or selecting good decisions.
    • For example, players could draw a card that says, "Driving conditions are poor due to rain. You decide to reduce your speed. Advance 2 spaces."
  • Your game must introduce poor driving decisions and penalize players for making or selecting poor decision.
    • For example, players could draw a card that says, "You can't find your glasses but decide to drive anyway. Lose a turn."


  • Begin by brainstorming good driving decisions and poor driving decisions. Make a list of your ideas.
  • Determine the set up for your game-how players will advance, how players will be introduced to good and poor driving decisions
  • Write out the directions for your game.
  • Create your board/playing area.
  • Create your player pieces.
  • Decide on a name for your game.
  • Play a round of your game to determine if it "works".
  • Revise or modify to fix any problems you encounter.

NOTE: When students are done have them trade games with other teams/classmates in order to play one another's games.

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