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Role Playing can also help during teen driver education.

Social pressures can have a huge impact on young drivers' decisions. To bring these issues to light, ask your students to imagine the following scenarios. Each student should then write a journal entry that describes how they would react and why they chose to respond that way.

Scenario 1

You're supposed to meet your friend in 20 minutes. You've already left your house and are driving down a busy street when you miss a call from him. Your phone beeps to alert you that you've received two text messages. What should you do?

Scenario 2

It's getting late and everyone is starting to leave the party. You haven't spent a lot of time with the friend who drove you there, and as the two of you make your way to her car, you start to suspect that she may have been drinking. She claims that she's fine, but you're not so sure. How do you handle this?

Scenario 3

A bunch of your friends want to grab something to eat after school. At the last minute, the other driver has to go home instead. The other kids are trying to convince you that your car is big enough to fit five of them in the backseat – some can even try to double-buckle. What do you decide to do?

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