Small Mistakes Big Consequences

2015 | Finalist
Saya N. in Miami, FL


2015 | Finalist
Trevor P., Thomas Z. in Palm Bay, FL

Take Your Own Advice

2015 | Finalist
Francisco F. in North Fort Myers, FL

You Wouldn't Stop

2015 | Finalist
Sam B., Lily S. in Oklahoma City, OK

The Distraction Game

2015 | Finalist
Cal B., Adam S., Alex M. in Denver, CO

Don't be Childish

2015 | Finalist
Jalen G. in Dodge City, KS

Safely Ever After

2015 | Finalist
Jenny K, Kevin K, Tyler K, Chase M in Irvine, CA

Last Moments

2015 | 3rd Place & People's Choice
Jordan B, Daniel H, Joseph S, Karina V in Antioch, CA

Car Safety Drawing Animation

2015 | 2nd Place
Demi S. in Newtown, PA

Curb Your Distractions (PSA)

2015 | TV-Ready PSA
Elijah W. in Chicago, IL

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