Curb Your Distractions

2015 | Grand Prize Winner
Elijah W. in Chicago, IL

Glove Box It

2016 | Finalist
Gabriel G. and Navin B. from San Diego, CA

Duel Distractions

2016 | Finalist
Jalen G. from Dodge City, KS

Safe Driving Rap

2016 | Finalist
Robbie M. from St. Charles, MO

Stay Focused on the Road

2016 | Finalist
Keaton S. from Flagstaff, AZ

Let's Be Smart

2016 | Finalist
Liam S., Johann K., and Lyndsay B. from Homer, AK

Distractions are Dangerous

2016 | People's Choice
Blake T. and Tyler M. from Sugar Land, TX

Brain Surgery

2016 | 3rd Place
Blake R, Jackson I, Zach B, Austin A from Austin, TX

Scary Movie

2016 | 2nd Place
Sam B. and Lillian S. from Oklahoma City, OK

For the Whales

2016 | Grand Prize Winner
Matthew P. and John C. from Olney, MD

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