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People’s Choice Vote

2019 People’s Choice Voting Now Open. Vote once a day for your favorite video! Stay tuned for the finalist announcement.

Christina's Community

2019 | Finalist
Christina W.
Garner, NC

Put That Phone Away

2019 | Finalist
Adelaide W.
Ferndale, MI

Decimate Distracted Driving

2019 | Finalist
Addison S.
Carrollton, TX

How Bad Can It Be?

2019 | Finalist
James M.
Norfolk, VA

Hip-Hop Driving School

2019 | Finalist
Kimberly N.
Coconut Creek, FL

Your Next Set of Wheels

2019 | Finalist
Ryli J.
Indianapolis, IN

Focus on Your Dreams, Not Your Phone

2019 | Finalist
Jake W.
Jackson, MI

Don't Recline Behind the Wheel

2019 | Finalist
Caleb K.
St. Petersburg, FL


2019 | Finalist
Aaron M.
Winter Park, FL

Ye Olden Days

2019 | Finalist
Jacob A.
Clinton Twp, MI

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