It takes a village to raise awareness and foster support for safety behind the wheel.

In the Community

Our community is made up of teachers, students, parents, local dealer ambassadors and more with each playing a unique and important role in our ecosystem of safety. According to the National Safety Council, drivers between the ages of 15 and 20 are involved in fatal crashes at more than twice the rate as the rest of the population.


Safety in the Community

From creating safe environments for passengers to reinforcing teen safety in the critical first years of driving, Toyota supports a variety of safety programs along the continuum of life and all members of the community. Take a look at some of the online and in-person safety events for your community.

It is with our community that Toyota strives to create leading resources, events and programs to ensure the highest safety standards possible. Explore samples below.

Additional Happenings

Whether in person or online, there are a host of opportunities to access leading safety resources designed with our communities in mind.

News and Events

Silver Spring, Md. (April 29, 2019)

To encourage positive driving habits for young drivers, Shorecrest Preparatory School junior, Caleb Kravitz developed a creative PSA to inspire his peers to practice safe driving…

Silver Spring, MD (April 28, 2017)

Just got your driver's license? Can't wait to floor it? Wait — two Memphis-area teens have a grand-prize winning video message about how to "Stay Alive While You Drive."  High school sophomores Emi Otsuki…

Silver Spring, MD (April 6, 2017)

Teen filmmakers are pointing their lens at driver safety, and making a difference.  Today, Toyota and Discovery Education announced the ten finalists of the…

Silver Spring, MD (April 29, 2016)

If you were steering a beluga whale down the street, would you risk sneaking a peek at your phone? Probably not. High school sophomores Matthew Post and John Caporaletti agree, and in their new public service announcement (PSA), they encourage their peers to…

Take the Mutual Driving Agreement

By holding each other accountable, we can reduce unsafe driving behavior. Take the Mutual Driving Agreement to show that you're serious about keeping safe behind the wheel.

Learn more about TeenDrive365 and our mission to teach teens, educators and families about safe driving habits.