Engaging 21st century safe driving resources to empower emerging drivers.

Your students’ safety comes first

Safe driving begins long before we get into the car and buckle our seat belts. These digital interactives show the science behind safe driving and will encourage you to think critically about the benefits (and costs) of driving. Use the quick links below to jump to each section.

Classroom activities to keep safe driving top of mind

Standards-aligned downloadable lesson plans, activities and guides for educators. Each resource is available in English and Spanish.

Dealing With Distractions

Students identify driving distractions in order to create a digital infomercial and prevention plan to help others avoid crashes.

Factors That Impact Driving

Students explore factors that impact driving and driver safety, including speed, environmental conditions, and driver behaviors.

Survival - Defensive Driving

Students build understanding around why defensive driving is an important skill. They'll discuss strategies for improving driving safety.

Teen Knowledge

Students identify behaviors that affect safe driving and strategize ways to encourage those behaviors.

Explore safe driving challenges

Learn valuable safety tips before hitting the road. Practice makes perfect with these digital interactives.

Virtual Field Trips

Get an inside look at the innovation and teamwork that goes into designing each Toyota vehicle. Hear from engineers, mechanics and safety experts who explore the science behind safe driving every day.

Quiz yourself on the facts of safe driving

Test your knowledge with this fun interactive quiz.

Watch and learn from others behind the wheel

Learning to drive can be intimidating if you don't know what to expect. These videos take the guesswork out of learning to drive and give you great advice on how to be safe behind the wheel.

The Distracted Mind

TED Partners | 1:38 Minutes
This video demonstrates what happens when we are surrounded by distractions while driving.

Masters of the Wheel

Joe and JD Gibbs | 3:01 Minutes
This video demonstrates the importance of parents setting positive driving examples for their teen drivers.

The Real Deal on Teens and Cars

Kelly Wallace | 2:22 Minutes
In this video, Kelly Wallace talks with a family about safety behind the wheel and the realities of texting while driving.

Distracted Driving

DriveitHOME | 1:44 Minutes
This video describes major distractions that teen drivers may encounter when taking their eyes off the road.

Life Behind the Wheel

University of Iowa | 10:39 Minutes
This video highlights the importance of developing safe driving habits as soon as you get your driver's license and the consequences of distracted driving.

The Rabinowitz Family

Toyota USA | 3:26 Minutes
This video highlights the importance of parents setting a good example when teaching their children to drive.

Take the Mutual Driving Agreement

By holding each other accountable, we can reduce unsafe driving behavior. Take the Mutual Driving Agreement to show that you're serious about keeping safe behind the wheel.

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