Prepare them to face the risks, responsibilities and adventures of the road ahead.

Your teens’ safety comes first

Safe driving begins long before we get into the car and buckle our seat belts. These digital interactives show the science behind safe driving and will encourage you to think critically about the benefits (and costs) of driving. Use the quick links below to jump to each section.

Start with the mutual driving agreement

Explore safe driving interactives with your teen

Know how to drive safely before even hitting the road. Practice makes perfect with these digital interactives.

Watch and learn safe driving tips geared for you

Learning to drive can be intimidating for teens if they don't know what to expect. These videos give you the tools to support your teens behind the wheel.

Safe Driving Games

Jim Million | 1:58 minutes
This video highlights games parents can play with their teens as they begin driving.

How to be a Better Driving Coach

Jim Million | 1:27 minutes
This video demonstrates the three things parents can do to be a better driving coach for their teen.

Why Parent Coaching is So Important

Jim Million | 1:37 minutes
This video describes why parent coaching is important for new teen drivers.

Parents are the Best Driving Coaches

DriveitHOME | 2:35 Minutes
In this video parents describe what they learned about how to be a better driving coach for their new teen driver, and how long they need to stay involved.

The Most Important Safe Driving Tip

Jim Million | 1:18 Minutes
This video describes an important safe driving tip: concentration.

The Distracted Mind

TED Partners | 1:38 Minutes
This video demonstrates what happens when we are surrounded by distractions while driving.

Safe driving activities for your family

Explore these fun ways to discuss safe driving with your family.

Distracted Drivers Board Game

Teens create an original board game or interactive computer game focused on distracted driving.

Parent Practice Tracking Chart

Teens collaborate with their families to set goals around the driver's exam and complete a driving tracker chart.

Decoding Activity

Teens use their creativity to solve these puzzles about safe driving concepts. These brainteasers are a fun way to reduce unsafe driving behavior.

Take the Mutual Driving Agreement

By holding each other accountable, we can reduce unsafe driving behavior. Take the Mutual Driving Agreement to show that you're serious about keeping safe behind the wheel.

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